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The Russians are looking for a little payback!

Dimitri Naumovski didn’t have much of a childhood. There were no fond memories of him and his father going fishing or playing baseball. The only memories Dimitri had were of his training. Training to make him the most lethal KGB agent Russia has ever produced. Now that he is older and the KGB is no more Dimitri faces a new crisis. A crisis that will destroy the United States and the world. The Soviet Union was believed to be dead. The Communist party was thought to be stripped of power. But the reality is even if you cut the head off the snake it is still alive. Now a secret group of Communist hardliners known as the Committee, have devised a plot to start a nuclear war with America and payback its old enemy for their collapse. Now Dimitri with the aid of American agent Stephen Glenn must uncover the Committees plans and stop them at any cost before it’s too late and America is destroyed and the Soviet Union is reborn.

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