In a small village in Iraq surrounded by miles of endless desert a meeting is taking place. The world’s most wanted terrorist known as The Ghost is meeting with one of the worlds most ruthless drug lords. A meeting that will hand over a weapon of mass destruction the world has never seen before. A virus so powerful that it kills in seconds and spreads like wild fire. The Ghost has plans for this weapon. Plans that include revenge against America and it’s allies for the death of his wife and family during the Gulf War. 

A team of special forces soldiers are ambushed while doing surveillance on the meeting and one of them is used as a Guinea pig and video taped so that the whole world will see what is to come and the horrifying power of the virus. A message is sent to America. This is what’s waiting for you and the rest of the world if you don’t leave the middle east immediately. 

In Portland, Maine Special Agent Dewitt is celebrating with his wife after receiving his long awaited promotion with the FBI and finding out that he will be a father. Him and his wife head up north for a little vacation time only to head straight into tragedy that will send Thomas off on a path that he cannot leave. A path for revenge against a bank robber that killed his wife and unborn child. A bank robber that has been working with and funding terrorist with his gains from other robberies. The love of Thomas’s life is buried and his hunt for justice begins.

Outside of Boston, Mass an abandoned truck is found with the driver in the trailer. His throat cut and only a few clues as to who did it. Homeland Security Agent Charlie White is assigned to the case and picks up the scent of terrorist that have been smuggled into the country. For what reason? What is their mission? They are soon to find out at a baseball game in a small town in Kansas as the first of many terrorist strike injecting themselves with the virus and infecting the population. The area is quarantined. The population is dead within an hour. Fear begins to trickle through the rest of the world as the first message and video from The Ghost is broadcast. The Casualties of War have begun and the Ghost has no intention of stopping. It’s up to Thomas and Charlie to find him and put an end to his reign of terror before it’s too late.

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