Driving along on a Sacramento highway Detective James Taggett had no clue what was about to happen to him. He had no clue as to what the driver of the State Police car that was following him was about to do. The lights come on and Detective Taggett pulls over to see what he wants and begins his journey into madness as the State trooper shoots him at point blank range.

He wakes up to find that a killer is stalking him and leaving bodies and messages along the way. What do the messages mean? Who is this killer that’s after him? Is it a criminal from the past wanting revenge? The killer seems to know everything about James. He knows what James is going to do before he does it. He knows how to taunt him.

More and more victims pile up as the killer plays his game and James is in a race to uncover who it is that is close to him that is committing these murders. He knows his enemy but who is it?

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