The Cold War just got hot again…

Dimitri Naumovski wanted to pull the trigger and end his life as Russia’s top assassin but the phone rang. Another mission was about to begin. Russia needed him again. How many times has he answered the phone? How many graves has he filled for mother Russia? Too many to count. Too many to remember. And that is exactly what his father Alexander who is now the head of the FSB and his boss wanted when he was raising Dimitri. He wanted a machine that did as it was told. Obeyed orders without question and kill the enemies of Russia without blinking. Dimitri put away the Vektor, a souvenir given to him by Mikhail Gorbachev himself in gratitutde for saving his life from assassins long ago when Russia was known as the Soviet Empire and Mikail was President. It was time to fill another grave.

This time a Chechen terrorist has stolen a cylinder of Sarin nerve gas and is planning to use it on innocent Russian citizens. This cannot be allowed. It is Dimitri’s responsibility to protect Russia from its enemies. It is Dimitri’s duty to find and eliminate any threat to his country. Eliminating the Chechen terrorist only leaves Dimitri with more questions. How did they get into a secure facility in the heart of Russia where the nerve agent was kept under guard and heavily protected in the first place? The only way would be if someone high up in the Russian government gave them access. But who? And for what purpose? 

This is the beginning of a journey that will take Dimitri on a mission that will determine the fate of America and the future of freedom in Russia. As he put’s together the pieces of the puzzle and the closer he get’s to the truth he is reunited with enemies of the past. Enemies that want nothing more then the Execution to die. The clock is ticking and a sinister plan put in motion long ago by a secret group of communist known as “The Committee” is coming to fruition and the end of America is on the horizon if Dimitri with the aid of an America agent Stephen Glenn can’t stop the countdown to nuclear war in this white knuckled thriller by Bruce Savage.

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