If you’re not looking for a good night’s sleep then please start turning these pages as Bruce brings you 6 terrifying tales to help you stay awake at night. From a man that learns the hard way what’s for dinner to a group of friends taking a vacation in hell Bruce has written some classic horror stories just for you.

Stories included:

The Hunger, The Glass Casket, A Miserable Death for Simon Small, The Death Note, The Mirror Effect and 7 Days in Hell.

Bruce Savage returns with this new collection of 13 original horror tales to keep you awake at night an give you the chills. From a man that makes masks from his victims faces to teenagers learning that witchcraft isn’t something to play with Bruce delivers the scares time and time again. Get ready! It’s Short Scary Story time!
Stories included:
The Mask Maker
Donations Welcome
The Cave
Last Rights
After Life
Dead or Alive
3 Finger Willie
The Town of Lost Souls
Black Jack
The Visitor
Get out alive
The Black Cat
The Blackout
All stories written by Bruce himself just for you! Enjoy the scares!

If you are looking for a great series to read that is different from anything else you’ve read before then the Jack Carson series is exactly what you are looking for. It has assassins, aliens, a secret government controlling the world, a super-intelligent computer that thinks it’s human and let’s not forget a plot that will keep you turning page after page. Yeah, if you’re looking for excitement and a great read don’t miss this or any of the Jack Carson thrillers.

Get ready to climb onboard the X90 super jet and take off for a thrill ride in the second book of the Jack Carson thriller series. This time Jack has an obnoxiously rich guy to deal with and a zombie plague that is threatening to wipe out humanity. And let’s not forget those evil Krehlians who just won’t leave Earth alone. Sit back in your favorite chair with a cold drink as Bruce Savage heats up the action in this science fiction thriller series and leaves you wanting more.

A serial killer on a killing spree has called out Detective James Taggett. With each victim comes a message. With each victim a taunt. With each victim another jab at Detective Taggett. Is he killing just for kicks or does the killer have a motive? Detective Taggett is in a race against time to unscramble the messages and get inside the killers head before the killer drives him insane.

Set in the near future this thrilling science fiction tale by Bruce Savage takes you on a journey to Europa one of Jupiter’s moons and a likely candidate for answering the one question that has plagued mankind for centuries. Are we alone? The answer to that question will leave you terrified as Bruce reveals before your eyes the consequences and pitfalls of space exploration leaving you wondering if some questions should be answered.